Why does a lawn mower pull cord stuck?

The starter includes a spring-loaded hub that spins the engine crankshaft and the lawnmower blade when you pull the starter rope. The spring can bind or even break, and it’s possible for the rope to cross over itself when it rewinds and get stuck.

What causes a pull cord to lock up?

One way the starter cord can get stuck is due to hydraulic lock, which is caused by oil getting trapped in the combustion chamber. You’ll need to release the compression and the oil, so remove the spark plug and then give the cord a tug.

What do you do when your cord gets stuck?

If you feel as if your pull cord has become tangled, remove the housing of your motor, rewind the rope to inspect if it is tangled or damaged in any way. If it’s tangled, you’ll want to reset the spring, or remove it and install a new one.

Why is my pull cord not recoiling?

2 Answers. Try jerking the cord a little harder a few times and it might retract again. If that doesn’t work, please look at our pull cord replacement guide. See if you can find out where it might be stuck to have it retract again.

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