Is Milwaukee coming out with a mower?

The M18 FUEL Mower features a steel deck, 3-in-1 grass management, single point height adjustment, high lift mode, front and side LED lights, vertical storage, and 2 deck handles. The Milwaukee M18 FUEL 16 in. Chainsaw delivers the power to cut hardwoods, cuts faster than gas, and delivers up to 150 cuts per charge.

Is Milwaukee going to make a battery powered lawn mower?

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Runtime

In standard cutting mode with a pair of 12.0Ah High Output batteries, expect runtime up to an hour. That assumes you’re mulching, removing one inch of grass, and running the drive at 3.0 MPH.

When did the Milwaukee fuel line come out?

The M18 Fuel line came to market back in 2012, and the line has expanded rapidly ever since—including the introduction of Milwaukee M12 Fuel tools. Now, the goal with Fuel is to literally redefine what cordless tools can accomplish—and quite possibly obsolete some more corded tools in the process.

Is Milwaukee discontinuing M18?

Milwaukee has no plans to leave the M18 line behind.

Is Milwaukee making a snow blower?

Scuttlebutt is Milwaukee is making a cordless snow blower. I might have to think hard about a new battery line. Real snowblowers need a ton of power, we’d likely need 4x 60v batteries.

Why is Milwaukee fuel so good?

These batteries provide 5 times more run-time, 35% more power, and 2 times longer life than standard lithium-ion packs. The construction of the battery casing protects against impact, vibration, water, and heat to provide the most durable pack for any construction site.

What does the FUEL in Milwaukee stand for?

FUEL is still Brushless but means the top of the line Brushless. It was only about a year ago Milwaukee updated their compact tools with the brushed motors, drill/driver 2606, hammer drill 2607 and impact 2650.

Is M18 and M18 Fuel the same?

All M18 FUEL comes with brushless motors while some of the regular M18 tools also have brushless motors. The difference between Milwaukee FUEL and brushless M18 is that the FUEL version has a much more powerful POWERSTATE™ brushless motor, which according to the manufacturer is 4 times more powerful.

Is Milwaukee tools changing their name?

Brookfield-based Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. is currently transitioning into its new name, Milwaukee Tool, according to the company’s senior brand marketing manager Kharli Tyler.

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